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Recent Reviews:

Dangers of informal “loans” from Mum and Dad

It is no secret that many young people are finding it increasingly difficult to “get on the property train” to buy their first home. They can’t save quickly enough to meet a deposit in the ever-increasing property market, even saving together as partners. Rents are...

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Informal Family Law Arrangements Fraught with Danger

Many people try to settle family law property settlements without formalising the arrangements. One may choose to “pay out” their ex-partner in an informal arrangement without obtaining court orders or making a Binding Financial Agreement. Informal arrangements are...

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New Power of Attorney Legislation as of 1 Sept 2015

Who will look after things if I can’t? A Power of Attorney may be the appropriate way to provide peace of mind, but this area of the law is about to undergo changes from 1st September 2015 under a new state government Act of parliament that comes into effect on that...

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Estate Planning: Not as easy as just writing a Will

While it is vitally important that everyone should have a current and up to date Will, there is more to think about when it comes to estate planning. Today we’ll take a brief look at one commonly overlooked item in estate planning. If you own real estate with someone...

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