Have you been charged with a traffic related offence – such as a drink driving charge, unlicensed driving charge, or a dangerous, reckless, or careless driving charge?

For many people losing their license can have catastrophic consequences for Lilydale drink driving lawyertheir work and personal lives. Many traffic related offences have mandatory or discretionary loss of license provisions. It’s important you get expert legal advice and representation so you can try to avoid a loss of license or keep it to the minimum possible.

There can also be large fines and, in serious cases, the real possibility of prison time. Don’t shrug off a charge as being “just a traffic offence” – the consequences can be significant.

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Our Drink Driving Lawyers Handle All Types of Charges

The most common drink driving and drug driving charges are for violations of the Road Safety Act s49(1).

Drink driving charges under Section 49 are based on breath or blood tests which show you have exceeded the prescribed concentration of alcohol (PCA).

If the police have a reading showing you at a particular blood alcohol concentration (BAC) it is quite difficult to challenge such a reading. Instead, the first thing our traffic lawyers will do is to look to see if they can find any technical errors in how the police have handled your matter. If the police have made a mistake, it may be possible to have important evidence excluded from Court, helping your case. It is still the police’s job to prove their drink driving case against you “beyond reasonable doubt.”

If there is no way of challenging the charges you face on a technical basis, we can assist you in obtaining the minimum possible penalties.

While there are generally minimum loss of license penalties associated with drink driving offences, Magistrates have extensive discretionary powers to also impose significant fines and, particularly in subsequent offences, there can be the possibility of jail time.

It is important to seek legal representation to help you navigate through the court process and present your case in the best possible light.

Free Consultation with a Traffic Lawyer

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