Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) insurance provides a lump sum benefit if you become totally and permanently disabled. This amount is intended to offer financial assistance, when you can no longer work, due to injury or illness.

How do I make a claim for a TPD benefit?

In most cases with TPD claims, it is necessary to demonstrate that you are totally and permanently unfit for your usual employment, or any other employment for which you are qualified based on your education, training and experience.

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Can I still make a claim if I have previously received Victims of Crime Assistance, Workers Compensation or TAC benefits?

Generally, it does not matter how you sustained an injury or illness. You can still claim a TPD benefit even if you have been paid compensation as part of a TAC or Workers Compensation payout or Victims of Crime benefit. It is also possible to claim a TPD benefit under multiple superannuation policies providing you meet the criteria.

How much is the TPD benefit?

Depending on the terms of the insurance cover, a TPD benefit may be significant and may help ease the financial burden you face during the difficult times that follow a disability. If you have a successful claim, a Total and Permanent Disability insurance benefit is paid as a lump sum.

The amount of your lump sum payout will depend on whether you have TPD insurance under your superannuation policy and on your eligibility.

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