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Everyone has a right to feel safe and secure. Do you feel unsafe at the hands of a family member or some other person? Do you fear for your children’s safety? If so, our Lilydale and Berwick based Intervention Order lawyers can discuss whether applying to the court for an Intervention Order (Family Violence or Personal Safety) may be the appropriate way forward.

On the other side of the coin, if you find yourself faced with an Intervention Order application against you, we can assist you in defending the order.

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What is an Intervention Order?

An Intervention Order (or IVO) is an order made by a Magistrates Court imposing certain conditions on the respondent. It will often order that the respondent is not come within a certain number of meters of the applicant, is not allowed at a certain address, or perhaps is not permitted to commit family violence against the applicant.

An intervention order can either be a Personal Safety Intervention Order or a Family Violence Intervention Order.

Courts require particular facts to be proven prior to making intervention orders. You cannot have an intervention order if you just don’t like someone – the court has to be satisfied there is a safety risk, and a number of factors are considered.

Especially if your intervention order is contested, or you want to contest an intervention order being made against you, legal advice is essential.

What are the implications of an Intervention Order?

If you have an intervention order against you, you must carefully comply with this order. Failure to comply with an intervention order can result in serious breach of intervention charges, which carry significant criminal penalties.

Having an intervention order made against you can also have significant, unintended impacts on your life. Unless your intervention order lawyer seeks an exception, for example, the intervention order will likely prohibit you from holding a firearms license. This could have a significant impact on your employment.

Our intervention order lawyers assist clients from Lilydale, Healesville, Warburton, Yarra Glen, and beyond. We are able to appear at Ringwood Magistrates Court and any other Magistrates Court in Victoria on your behalf.

We also assist intervention order clients from our Berwick office, and appear at Dandenong and Frankston Magistrates court for clients based in Berwick, Narre Warren, Pakenham, Cranbourne, Lynbrook, and other surrounding suburbs.

Our new Reservoir office assists clients with intervention order matters in Preston, Regent, Heidelberg, Mernda, and surrounding areas.

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