Trade Practices and Consumer Law

Whether you are starting your own business or running an existing business, you are required to comply with Australia’s competition and consumer law at all times. For instance, did you know that if your standard contract contains an unfair term it can be null and void under Australia’s Competition and Consumer Law regime?

Our team of commercial lawyers can help you and your business work through and understand your legal and compliance obligations in relation to this growing and complex area of law.

If your business is subject to an Australian Consumer and Competition Law investigation, a commercial dispute or a regulatory issue, we can help you navigate through these issues and help achieve favourable outcomes for your business.

We can help provide advice in relation to:

  • Your obligations under the consumer law;
  • ACCC Investigations;
  • Implementation on effective strategies for compliance

Located in Lilydale and Berwick, our commercial lawyers can assist you in any matter in relation to competition, trade practices, and consumer law wherever your business is located.

If you have any inquiries please do not hesitate to contact us on (03) 8658-0040 for a free, initial, non-obligation chat about any matter which your business is facing in relation to competition and consumer law.