Shareholder and Partnership Agreements

It’s surprising how many businesses have not put in place even basic shareholder or partnership agreements.

It’s only years later when things sour between business partners that it is realised (too late) that the terms of the business partnership or company have never been properly formalised. The rights and responsibilities of each party are unclear, and when a dispute arises it can get messy.

While it is best to put a formal agreement in place when a business is begun, it’s certainly possible to put one in place even after things have been rolling for a while. Contact one of our business lawyers today; we can put together a shareholder agreement or partnership agreement for your business.

This involves careful thinking through of all the issues and scenarios which may present themselves in the future for you and your business partners. Often there will be issues which you hadn’t thought about, however may be matters which can arise quite commonly in business disputes. It’s always better to have thought about possible disagreements before they ever arise, and agree in advance how they will be resolved if they do come up.

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