Buying or Selling a Business

When either buying or selling a business it’s an exciting time – if selling you are seeking to realize the fruits of your labour over many years. If buying, you are looking towards a bright future with great plans and ideas.

estate agent giving house keys to man and sign agreement in officeIt’s vitally important to have a lawyer who understands business assist you through your business purchase or sale, however. Often in the eagerness to have the transaction completed major items can be overlooked.

It’s important to consider many issues, including:

  • Lease or purchase of business premises
  • Restraint of trade and non-compete issues
  • Ascertaining exactly what’s included in the sale (stock, fixtures and fittings, etc)
  • How to ideally structure your new business to meet liability and taxation objectives
  • Food handling licenses
  • Liquor licencing issues
  • Website domain name registrations
  • Intellectual property
  • Employment issues
  • And much more

The above is not an exhaustive list; your lawyer will go through with you many more issues to consider relating to the particular business you are buying or selling.

Our business lawyers can prepare your contract of sale if selling a business, or review the contract of sale prior to signing if you are the purchaser. We’ll guide you through the many and varied issues which you wouldn’t otherwise consider.

Our costs are very reasonable and can be offered at an agreed fixed price. This gives you clarity and certainty in relation to our legal costs.

Located in Lilydale and Berwick our lawyers can assist in the purchase or sale of a business wherever your business is located.

Contact us today on (03) 8658-0040 for a free, no obligation initial chat about the business transaction you are considering.

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